Mahou tsukai no Yome Episode 2 Subbed

Mahoutsukai no Yome Episode 2 Subbed

=======>The Ancient Magus’ Bride Episode 2 Subbed is Online<=======

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  • 8 hours and 42 minutes till show time :3 i’ll get a good night’s sleep and then watch it in the morning <3 i honestly can't wait to see elias's human form <3

  • Patrick Rayner

    Rip gogoanime beat you by 10 seconds.

  • Nichole Duncan

    I can’t wa’t wait for more episodes >….< this also goes with waiting for more chapters to be published for the manga T.T *dies slowly inside*

  • Aron Pygott

    I really thought that that lizard at the shop was just going to trail them. When she was holding that lizard didnt it look content as hell then.

  • Carol Ho

    It is my favourite anime and manga I got see it everyday and manga same and I everyday or everyweek wait for the manga

  • Dog1125a

    Love this show! It’s so pretty and the story feels special. It’s truly something unique.

  • suicide.tutu

    I ve already read the manga so I know the story and events but watching it in anime form is different, the animation is relly good I wish it ll continue for 2 seasons or more…

    • Nguyen Phuc

      1 years later